Dr Oz Tamnu Oil and Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Dr Oz featured Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, Tamnu Oil and Sun Protection Laundry Powder to protect from sunburns, UV and UDA Damage and to lower your risk of skin cancer.

100% Tamnu Oil is great for helping you recover from sunburns – the key is moisturizing and anti-inflammation which Tamnu excels at.

Increase your clothes and bathing suits UV Protection with Sun Protection Laundry Powder this is a very smart approach to increase sun protection.

Physical Sunscreens Lower Risk of Cancer?

Dr Oz on his show hosted an interesting discussion on the safey and risk of chemical sunscreens.

Sunscreen UV Protection for everyone is important and is something everyone should do.

Chemical Sunscreens have been linked with increased cancer risk; The better option is to use Physical Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide or Titanium.

The Environmental Working Group has rated sunscreens which Dr Oz referred to.

-Ranked #1 Sunscreen by Environmental Working Group
-Most anti-agings oils and antioxidants of any sunscren
-Highest concentration of zinc oxide of any sunscreen being sold.
-UV protection for up to 4 hours in the sun and water.
-UV A, B & C to block and protect from block long and short UV rays.

Safe to apply (even babies under 6 months of age).

Does not contain chemical UV absorbers PABA, or parabens,